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Pedaling Coripe's greenway under the full moon

We start pedaling along the greenway from Puerto Serrano at sunset. We visit the natural monument, Chaparro de la Vega, which is over 200 years old. We accelerate through the tunnels and, in a magical and unique environment, we finish the guided tour only by the light of the full moon.

With 18 people we made a tour of the Protected Natural Area of the Río Piedras crossing the network of pipes of the marshes of San Miguel, bordering the Isla del Vinagre, we had the provisioning in a house of clams. Then we went to Puerto del Terrón and entered the Catalan marshes. Going through old almandraba facilities. Before finishing the route we bathed in the beach of Nueva Umbría.

Very nice evening bike route along the green route of the Campiña, which runs through the old railway that connected Marchena with Fuentes de Andalucía. We finish with a cultural visit to the walled enclosure of Marchena, the Unknown Beauty.

We enjoy the biodiversity of the meadows, the Camino de Santiago, the geological interpretation of the marbles, and of course the freshness of the Rivera del Cala, border with the province of Huelva.

Interpretation of historical and natural heritage, interaction with local people. Surprises full visits with an international atmosphere. To meet on the road in Carmona the foal of a pony next to the foal of a mare and that the owner explain to you how the young is having a lot of filly