Cazalla de la Sierra water hiking route & #8211; El Pedroso


Difficulty level: Initial-medium
Altimetry Profile: generally flat, except some ramps. Distance: 15.5 km

This route is part of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park and we will visit the gallery forest of the Ribera del Huéznar where spring is more durable and the tempera is more benevolent. Along our walk we will cross the river so we can have a refreshment in some of its backwaters.

The tour begins in the town of Cazalla, which we travel from the top to the streets of the old town, to get out of it, along the cattle route that connects Cazalla and Constantina, which today coincides with the GR-48 trail, designed to cross Sierra Morena from Portugal to Despeñaperros.

The first section of the livestock route is a track, but when the section with the steepest slope begins, it becomes a narrow path, and thus reaches the level crossing of the railroad track, close to the Huéznar riverbank.

We will cross the riverbank by the 3 Ojos bridge and from that point, we leave the GR trail. 48, to take another livestock route that runs parallel to the Huéznar riverbank, towards El Pedroso.

We are going to use this route almost until the end of the route. The last two kms of our route, has recently been enabled by an intervention of the Seville Provincial Council, which enabled a path following the route of the livestock route, which, until a few years ago, was impossible to follow, because the vegetation had closed the transit.
Years ago, we were part of this same route and we had to reach the El Pedroso Factory walking 500 meters next to the train track, which now, thanks to this recovery, is no longer necessary.
Upon arrival at the Factory, the first Blast Furnaces in Spain and which was abandoned at the end of the 19th century, we will be forced to cross the riverbank, in order to access the bus that will be parked on the other side of the river & #8230;

So THE ONLY DIFFICULTY of the route is this, the need to cross the river on foot at the end of it. So it is recommended to take off your shoes, or carry a shoe in your backpack, only for your transit.

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