Round to Benaojan on the Great Path of Malaga Sunday, February 16

Sunday, February 16


Round to Benaojan along the Great Path of Malaga

                                                                                       15 kms


The route will cover a part of the Great Path of Malaga, a circular path that runs through the province of Malaga from east to east and from north to south. The section we will make links the city of Ronda with the town of Benaojan.

The route will begin in the gardens of the Alameda del Tajo, to go through all the viewpoints that overlook the cliffs of the plateau that surround the city by the west, among them, the famous Balcony of the Pussy.

You will cross the New Bridge, to enter the medieval and Islamic city, crossing some of its streets, to look for the door of the medieval wall, called Puerta del Viento, from which a stepped road leads to the impressive viewpoint of the New Bridge, at the bottom of the Tagus.

Once the photos have been taken, we return to the path that will lead us to the path of Los Molinos, through which we will arrive to the Port of La Muela, where we will begin to find beacons of the Great Path of Malaga that we will follow.

The trail goes down to the Guadiaro river, but before that, during a section it coincides with the road from Ronda to Benaojan for about 100 meters, a route in which we must all go with utmost care.

The Guadalcobacin stream will be crossed by a bridge and from here, the road runs for almost 3 km on a plain, parallel to the train track and the Guadiaro river, which will be left to the left of the march.

After reaching a level crossing to the left where the Cañada Real del Campo de Gibraltar runs, which crosses the Guadiaro river to continue along the left bank of the river, the path we will follow continues straight ahead, starting a climb by the old road from Benaojan to Ronda.

Shortly before reaching the port of Algarrobo, we will take a path that will take us to the Cave of the Cat and in its vicinity we will have lunch.

After that, we will go back up to the port, to start the descent that leads to the Poljé de Benaoján. We will cross the town, to take the road that leads us to the Benaoján station, where the tour will end, passing previously through the curious birth of El Santo.


  • The views of the viewpoints of the Tagus Plateau
  • The New Bridge of Ronda
  • The medieval city of Ronda
  • The Mirador del Puente Nuevo from the Tajo de Ronda
  • The cat's cave
  • The town of Benaojan
  • The Birth of El Santo

Pussy balconyBenaojanBirth of the Cascajales or SantoCat's CavePort of La Muela


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