Saturday, March 7. Evening Route through the Plains of the Republican and Líbar under the moonlight


Villaluenga del Rosario / Llanos del Republicano / Llanos de Líbar under the moonlight

Saturday, October 7

Next Saturday night, taking advantage of the fact that the moon is almost full, we will make the route that, from the town of Villaluenga del Rosario, the main producer of Payoyo cheese to the source of Líbar, in the plain of the same name & #8230; crossing places as unique as the Plains of the Republican or the port of El Correo.

The round trip would be done late in the afternoon ... to see the sunset on the plains of Líbar.

The return would be done along the same route ... but in this case, the moonlight and the frontal lights would be used to follow the route.


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