The Algarve is the Portuguese region of choice for travelers and it is not surprising. Its dreamy beaches, rugged landscapes and pretty little villages give this area of the south of the country an irresistible charm. The main attraction is its coastline with idyllic beaches such as Marinha or Falesia, strips of sand dotted with rock pinnacles and flanked by colored cliffs that seem taken from other worlds. Although for dreamlike places, the spectacular Benagil caves, authentic marine cathedrals that are capable of taking the breath away from everyone who walks under their leaky roofs. On the other hand, touring the Algarve allows the visitor to discover such beautiful corners as the Sierra de Monchique, whose green landscapes make exploring this region a real joy. If we add to that the beauty of towns such as Tavira or Silves, this Portuguese region manages to attract and please in equal parts.



DAY 1 & #8211; Saturday:

8.00: Departure from Seville

11.30 (Spanish time): Adventure hiking route + snorkeling in the Seven Hanging Valleys.
12.00 (»): Adventure kayak route in Benogil (Seven Hanging Valleys).

It is possible to do a combination: hiking + snorkeling + a small kayak or kayak route + snorkel + a small hiking route with an extra price.

18.30: Departure to Portimao in the vans to stay
21.00: Dining and going out in Portiamo


DAY 2 & #8211; Sunday:

8:30 Breakfast at the accommodation
9:15 Departure from Portimao to Fuseta

10:30 Cycle route adventure.
11:00 Kayak adventure in the Ría Fermosa.

19:00. Return to Seville


We will stay in an accommodation with breakfast included prepared for young groups in the style of backpacker. 

The price of 70 euros includes transportation for rooms of 4 people.

For double rooms the price is 85 euros with transportation included.

For a single room and transport the price is 95 euros.

In the evening we will have dinner & #8211; coexistence party.

The cost of each activity is between 20 and 30 euros and will be paid directly to the guide before starting the activity.


Description of activities:

  • HIKING AND SNORKELING (15 euros if you spend the weekend and 20 euros if you go a single day without counting transport costs)

The Route of the Seven Hanging Valleys, this time different from the one already done previously, is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe by European Best Destinations as the most beautiful hiking route in Europe. The extensive Atlantic coastline is the setting for this tour of beaches, coves, caves, caves and arches that will leave us speechless.

What is included?

Civil and accident insurance.
 Guided and interpreted hiking.
Goggles and snorkel tubes
First aid kit
Photo report with the Gopro.


  • KAYAK and SNORKEL(25 euros if you spend the weekend and 30 if you are going to spend a single day without counting transport costs)

 Saturday: Kayak in Benogil (7 Hanging Valleys)
This route will offer the unique opportunity to access Praia de Benagil, which is located in a cave, which can only be accessed by boat. Listed as one of the best kayak routes in Europe.

For those who choose this option, they will be able to do a part of the hiking route of the «7 Hanging Valleys»

Sunday: Kayak in the Ría Fermosa
We will also have the option of discovering the natural marsh of the Ría Fermosa. Kayak through the multiple natural channels that meander through the protected natural area and we will encounter an enormous amount of wildlife. We are going to stop at different beaches and islands of this Natural Park with areas with clear waters and beaches of fine white sand. We are going to use double kayaks, so don't worry if you don't have much kayaking experience, you can share with someone who is more experienced.

What is included in the kayak activities?

Civil and accident insurance.
Kayak guide, guided and interpreted.
Watertight boat.
Phone cases.
Kayak equipment, paddles and life jackets.
Goggles and snorkel tubes
First aid kit
Photo report with the Gopro.


  • MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTE and SNORKELING (15 euros if you spend the weekend and 20 euros if you go a single day without counting transport costs)

We will do a part of the Algarve cycle path that has an extension of almost 214 kilometers and direct access to several beaches, the Ecovía del Litoral crosses the Algarve from one end to the other along a green corridor that connects Cape San Vicente and Vila Real de Santo António. Follow this route and discover places of great beauty and tranquility in the busiest area of the Algarve.

What is included?

Civil and accident insurance.
Guided and interpreted MTB route.
Goggles and snorkel tubes
 First aid kit
Bicycle (10 euros extra)


To reserve your place, make a payment of 70 EUROS through our payment gateway


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