The old forest of Los Cabezudos
Cat's Pine
The gallery forest of the Rocina stream
The Lagoon and the Acebrón Palace
The Cork oak of the Sotillo
The Village of El Rocio

This month's route runs along the El Rocío road used by the Rocian Brotherhoods that come from the province of Huelva.

It will begin in the vicinity of the former forest village of Los Cabezudos, now abandoned, and then enter a preserved area within the Doñana National Park, the Rocina Stream Protection Zone.

Soon the cat pine forest will be crossed, shortly after approaching the gallery forest of the stream of La Rociana, which will continue for the rest of the route until arriving at the village of El Rocio.

At km 7.5 we will leave the road, to get closer to the lagoon and the Acebrón Palace, where lunch is possible.

After this break, the road will resume, but taking a path that runs parallel to the Rocina stream and the Cañada stream. After crossing this stream, the road continues along the cattle route of La Rocina to the village of Rocio.

Remember that as usual we will be linear with which we will use a support bus.

If you bring a companion we discount 2 euros and if you have already been on another hiking excursion Hikingweekend & #8211; Doseville we do too.

What to wear and what to wear?Remember:
- Mountain boots or sports shoes
- Hiking pants preferably
- Breathable T-shirt
- Medium backpack
- Water canteen
- Nuts or fruits
According to the weather station:
- Optional gloves
- Optional wind cut
- Sun cream and cap from May to October
  • Bring snack or picnic
  • We will have breakfast at a road sale all together.

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