On this parallel route to one of the best beaches in Andalusia, we will visit five very different ecosystems: marine, cliff, marsh, pine forest and dune systems, among which the Tajo de Barbate stands out, with more than 100 meters in height.

During the tour we will be able to observe a high diversity of species, highlighting the wind-shaped flag pines and the stone pines, and species in danger of extinction. Among the birds you can see short-toed eagles, booted eagles, hawks or scops owls. On the cliffs you can see hawks, starlings or cold birds. Also in these places it would be possible to observe chameleons.


Technical data of the route:

  • Difficulty level: A A + Basic Level 
  • Altimetry Profile: generally flat except for steps between rocks.
  • Distance: 12 km, linear route with taxi collection to the starting point
  • Itinerary: Trafalgar Cape / Mecca Tower / Cala de la Yerbabuena.
  • Lunch: at a beach bar or with a snack


Interesting information of the route:

  • Baths on the beaches and snorkeling.
  • Historical heritage of the Cape of Trafalgar linked to fishing, to the Berber piracy of the XVI-XIX century, commerce and Roman and Phoenician religious rites.
  • Sighting of marine birds (Special Protection Area for Birds) with binoculars.
  • Sandstone cliffs over 100 meters (Tajos de Barbate)
  • Pine forest with high ecological value and landscaping, very well preserved.
  • Fossil dune.
  • Ethnographic heritage linked to tuna fishing (almandraba).
  • Nudist beaches.

Here you can find the guidelines and recommendations to follow for hiking.


Suitable clothes and things to bring:

  • Half-round hiking boots and ankle sandals.
  • Long hiking pants, some short wind on the top and swimsuit underneath.
  • Breathable t-shirt
  • Medium backpack
  • Canteen of water (+ 1 liter, leave it in the freezer tonight)
  • Nuts or fruit
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Food for lunch on the beach.
  • Sandals, swimsuit and towel to sit on if you have any better snorkeling equipment.
  • Hydroalcoholic pot



Payment can be made through Paypal (manterveg@hotmail.es), Bizum at 0034642624348 or through the payment gateway doseville.com.

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