Con1. Organization
The technical organization of the services has been carried out by DOSEVILLE.COM, a web dedicated to the offer of guided visits in the province of Andalusia, whose owner is Manuel Ramón Ternero Vega, with NIF .: 48981859R and address at Calle Corbones , 11 Marchena , Sevilla CP 41620 number. Telephone and Contact Email +34 642 62 43 48 and .
Our tourist service is subject to the provisions contained in various laws among which is the Law 16/1987 of July 30 of ordination of land transport and its subsequent amendments, Decree 168/1994 of May 30 of regulation of the travel agencies and in regulation 21/1995 of July 6, package travel and other current provisions. When the   participants move in vehicles of more than 9 seats including driver the applicable law is Decree 319/1990 of December 21, regulation of passenger transport by road by motor vehicles, Chapter IV and the service will be subcontracted with a company of transportation.
DOSEVILLE.COM offers excursions, active tourism activities and guided tours where transportation is a complement to the main activity of tourist guide and visit of one or several destinations and the client knows or must know at all times that his voucher corresponds to the payment for a   general visit and not for a transport service between one or several destinations.
When contracting our services, the client must know that the activities carried out involve associated risks. DOSEVILLE.COM possesses all the corresponding and obligatory permits and insurances   to professionals of Active Tourism. With the contracting of our activities the client accepts that he will not be able to demand extraordinary compensations to those included in our obligatory insurance produced in the course of the activities nor as a consequence to any accident of circulation of the private transport associated with our tourist activity.
If the client is during the course of the excursion, a reason for complaint or claim may be indicated immediately to the person responsible for the trip (guide, companion, group director, etc.). With this we will have the opportunity to correct at the moment the possible error committed. Subsequent claims that have not been made at the time of the problem will not be accepted.
DOSEVILLE.COM reserves the right to suspend excursions if there are justified causes or the minimum number of participants is not reached – requiring a minimum of 2 people to guarantee a language. Being able to communicate to the interested one the previous day to realize the activity.
IMPORTANT for trips to Tangier in Morocco and Gibraltar (United Kingdom): COMPULSORY PASSPORT. Valid passport and / or visa are required on the day of travel.
You MUST confirm and obtain any visa requirement before crossing   border. All processing of any type of documentation is the complete and exclusive responsibility of the traveler. The company does not take over administrative processes.
For the reservation of the excursion the valid forms of payment are bank transfer and payment by card (debit or credit) through the website DOSEVILLE.COM. If you need another form of payment you can check our availability by writing to

2. Terms of use
The client must respect the safety rules while carrying out the transport   complementary private. You must remain seated while you are driving in   highway; Do not attempt to access or descend the vehicle while it is not   completely stopped; do not smoke, eat or drink inside vehicles;  respect the instructions of the guide or companion and / or driver, who are   sufficiently empowered to introduce the modifications they recommend or   impose the circumstances; do not transport animals on board. Any   non-compliance with the vehicle’s safety conditions and current legislation   In terms of road safety, it will be the responsibility of the occupant if the cause cited   breach.
The abandonment or separation of the group due to causes not attributable to the organization   generates right to compensation. The organizer is not responsible for delays,  losses, accidents or damages of any kind that have occurred as a result of   circumstances beyond their responsibility or outside their organizational scope. The   registration to any of these excursions implies the acceptance and acceptance of   these conditions. The organizer expressly declares her refusal to submit to   the arbitration courts of transport for any matter arising from the   existence of this contract, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Those requests for changes of date and / or modification are subject to the   availability of our suppliers. In these cases you can not guarantee the   realization of the service

Occasionally, our suppliers may include changes in the dates of the   services, prices, modifications, legal coverage, requirements in the changes of age   with effect on price changes, etc. As a result of it DOSEVILLE.COM reserves the   authority to cancel, change and / or replace services, excursions or tickets.   In the cases that DOSEVILLE.COM be informed in advance, by our   agents, suppliers, of a substantial change to make excursions or other   services may modify or restore the reservation (s) whenever possible.

Prices, inclusions, exclusions and payments.   All the products, excursions and services offered by   DOSEVILLE.COM are valid for   the dates that appear in the current year.

DOSEVILLE.COM will not charge any cancellation fee for changes in the dates of   Reservations that were made correctly, provided that the request is received by our   customer service department at least two days in advance of the date   confirmed for the service and / or excursion contracted. Cancellations between one and   two days before the completion of the route they are charged 50% of the amount of the   activity and cancellations of one day or no-show on the 100% excursion.

The visits and excursions listed in this program do not include any kind of extra   apart from those mentioned in the program. The price of the trip has been calculated based on   to exchange rates, guide fees, ticket prices to museums and fees and taxes   applicable on the edition date of the program. Any variation in the price of the   mentioned elements may result in the revision of the final price, notifying the   modification to the consumer that already had contracted the service, being able this one to desist   of the tour, without any penalty or accept the modification of the contract. The   published prices include the applicable VAT and both these and the schedules   itineraries can also be modified by force majeure or sufficient cause. The   The completion of these trips is conditioned on the existence of a minimum number of   participants.

The prices listed by   DOSEVILLE.COM; are per person, unless otherwise specified   case. Price rates are subject to change without prior notice, unless your   reservation has already been confirmed. Prices do not include tips to guides, personal insurance policies,  any object of a personal nature, does not include drinks or meals if they have not   Been previously listed in your reservation as «Included . »
DOSEVILLE.COM s accepts the following credit and debit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.   There will be no charge in the process of payments by telematic means.   The payment of the service requested through the credit card or via telematics is   required to make the reservation. No type of reimbursement will be made once the   excursion or service has begun.

Confirmation bonds.
You can receive a detailed confirmation voucher for each excursion and / or   contracted services for presentation to the supplier at the time of the start of the   service or activity.
Possession of the voucher that entitles the use of the service implies participation   of the client in this contract. The acceptance of the conditions of the same by   of the organizer is credited through its public offering and exposure of the   present general conditions of the contract.
For safety reasons, when you present the confirmation voucher to the provider, you   You may require a document (ID or passport) that identifies you. It is due to reasons   of identification that helps us to prevent fraud.
We recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy before your departure. Why   If you cancel your services or activities and / or change the dates of your visit many   policies will reimburse you the cost of cancellation fees, as well as other expenses   added.

3. Presentation in the contracted service
With the purpose of the good functionality of the contracted service, we kindly ask that, be present   with an anticipation of 10 minutes before what appears in   your voucher and / or ticket.
A minimum of 2 people of the same language is required for the visit to take place. The excursion can be canceled or executed in a larger group if we do not obtain this condition.
Delays.   Occasionally there may be delays due to traffic conditions, breakdowns, failures   of communication, delays of other customers or other circumstances of force majeure. The   client is entitled to full or partial reimbursement when the wait exceeds 60 minutes if   decides not to perform the contracted service.
Renunciations and legal limits.
Under no circumstance   DOSEVILLE.COM   or its agents, affiliates, service providers, distributors, will be liable for the following losses or damages, in relation to the   following cases (unless those losses or damages were foreseeable and   demonstrably attributable to DOSEVILLE.COM ): (a) loss of information; (b) loss of   reimbursements or advances; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) bad faith   or reputation damage; (f) loss suffered by third parties or (g) any indirect   consequence or damages derived from misuse in terms of form and action.
DOSEVILLE.COM and its agents and suppliers in terms of management   made by hotels, excursions, transports or any service in connection with the   itineraries will not be imputed for damages, losses, losses, traffic accidents,  delays or irregularities produced during the contracted services.
In addition, DOSEVILLE.COM and its agents and suppliers will not accept   No kind of legal responsibility due to illness, theft, labor disputes,  breakage of machinery, government restrictions, acts of war and / or terrorism,   weather conditions, defects in vehicles, or related damage, not attributable to these   causes mentioned beyond what is the professional service rendered.
IMPORTANT for trips to Tangier in Morocco and Gibraltar (United Kingdom): COMPULSORY PASSPORT. Valid passport and / or visa are required on the day of travel.
You MUST confirm and obtain any visa requirement before crossing   border. All processing of any type of documentation is the complete and exclusive responsibility of the traveler. The company does not take over administrative processes.

4. Terms of use
DOSEVILLE.COM You can change these terms and conditions at any time you   consider timely, advancing these changes on the website.   When contracting with   DOSEVILLE.COM   you are aware of the general rules and conditions   of the society.