Kayaking in the Magallanes set off side

Our adventure start during the evening so we will enjoy the amazing colour of the sunset.

People who normally take part are locals, foreigner that live or visit Seville.

Admire the main attractions of Seville
from the river while you enjoy a peaceful kayak experience. You will get a different viewpoint of the city, at the same time that you are working out.

We are going to discover the historic quarter at night from the Guadalquivir river in a chill out atmosphere.

We will spot the historic places of the American trade and the start of Magallen’s Journey, we will go around the replica of the Nao Victoria, The Golden Tower, the Triana neighborhood, the born place of many flamenco singers or the Cartuja monastery where Columbus was living for a while.

Our river is the natural and historic button of the river that has been transformed in the inner dock, therefore, the scroll in the kayak is quite easy and safe because no water current.

Don´t forget to bring a change of clothes and an optional towel to have shower in the changing rooms
Probably we are going to have tapas after the kayak experience.

MEETING PLACE                                                   Club de Kayak TorneoClub Kayak Torneo
STARTING TIME                                                                    19:0010:00 A.M. and 17:30 P.M
DURATION                                                                            2 HOURS2 hours

– Sports or comfortable clothing.
– A Clothes of change.
– Flip flops.

Sport clothes and change of clothes

– Kayak equipment (k2, paddles and life jackets).
– Kayak guide.
– Aquatic cover for mobile.
– Changing rooms with showers and gym. – Head-torch
– Photo report with the Gopro 

Kayak equipament
Shower, changing room and lockerOfficial and certificated guide





Iniciamos el Tour

Kayak route:

– Footbridge of Cartuja

– American Botanic Garden

– Isabel II bridge
– Triana Quarter

– Maestranza Bullring

– San Telmo Palace
– Back to the kayak quay

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